Why Teaching with Technology is a No-Brainer

Teaching with technology is one of the most critical topics educators should be focusing on right now. While incorporating tech in the classroom was once a highly-fueled debate in the education community, that's no longer the case. Technology has proven its impact over the last few years, and your fellow teachers are the first to admit it. THE Journal's third-annual Teaching with Technology Survey showed that 75% of teachers agreed that technology had a positive impact on education. 

Educational technology yields many benefits for both students and educators. Incorporating technology activities such as interactive QR Code Cards in classroom centers provide students with a hands-on exercise as well as the opportunity to self-check their work, promoting independent learning with the option to work alone or collaboratively.

Video-based lessons are a must in the modern classroom. While videos have been around for quite some time, they've more recently been improved upon through the methods in how videos are used. For instance, the VITAL Guide to Learning with Video encourages teachers to use video to introduce, reinforce, or assess a learning topic through three simple guidelines: Frame, Focus & Follow-Up. When used correctly, videos can engage students in a learning topic in a way that other methods just can't.

Similarly, digital task cards, provide a tech-alternative to traditional multiple choice question and answers. Students are gaining necessary experience for test-taking while teachers are creating, assigning, collecting, and auto-grading homework through a completely digital experience, skipping the copy room and saving a lot of red ink. Check out some of my digital task card decks on TPT. There's something for everyone!

Did you think No-Prep Lessons were a myth? Hopefully, by now you can see that they really do exist. Whether you're teaching K-12 or Higher Education, technology should be a part of your lesson plans. Teachers across the globe are integrating a wide range of devices and innovative activities. The number one action you can take to become an empowered teacher in the 21st century is to make yourself comfortable with the technology your students are using.

What are your favorite methods for utilizing technology in the classroom? If you're still a newbie, what's stopping you? Comment below!